About Us

Meet Our Craftsman –

Greg Pratt – Greg was born and raised in Stokes County and has always had a love for wood working and the outdoors. He has a background in construction and family history in the sawmill industry. His Grandpa Pratt, had his own sawmill and worked here in Stokes County as well and built log structures that are still standing strong today. Greg especially enjoys the custom/specialty projects and working on custom ideas that are a challenge to create. That special cut or fit of the wood that turns into a beautiful piece in the end is a great pleasure to him and to the customers he makes custom pieces for. Greg owns a sawmill and can travel to your location and mill the wood for you into lumber or in search of those special pieces that can be made into something unique.

Aaron Gibbons – Aaron  primarily works in wood, metal and found objects. His love for woodworking has tremendously grown in the last 5 years.  He creates sculpture and functional art with a passion to bring out the natural beauty in an object or material.

Aaron lives right outside of Winston Salem in a small town called King. Here is where you will find his woodworking and metalworking shops where he does the majority of his work.

Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in sculpture and a teaching license from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He began his profession art training at Surry Community College and at Sawtooth School of Visual Arts

An area of woodworking that has quickly become one of his favorites is working with a live edge slab. This can be achieved by flat sawing on a bandsaw sawmill leaving the organic sides on a slab cut from the log. By salvaging his own logs and having them custom milled he can acquire exactly what he wants out of a tree. Cutting boards and other small household items are also a creative way Aaron uses his cut offs and scraps to make stunning and functional items for your home.


Making Your Custom Furniture Ideas a Reality